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Essential cooking tools everyone needs in the kitchen!

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Having the right kitchen tools make things so much easier when it comes to cooking. It's not necessary to buy every new gadget that pops up on store shelves but, it is necessary to have good quality essential tools. Here's some essential cooking tools that everyone should have in their kitchen.

A 6-quart Dutch Oven & Braising Pan

A 6-quart dutch oven is a must have in my kitchen. I cook practically everything in mine. I make tons of one pot meals, soups, pasta dishes, and anything else I can think of in mine. Dutch ovens are high quality enameled cast iron pots. They are great at evenly distributing heat, as well as retaining heat. They can be used on the stovetop as well as in the oven making them super versatile. Because they are made of cast iron they are super heavy so prepare to gain some arm strength lol. For years they've been coveted for their superior cooking results. Dutch ovens can cost anywhere from $300-$400. Luckily, there are brands that have great ones that cost under $100. I use the Lodge brand all the time and they're great.

The braising pan is just a shallow version of the 6-quart dutch oven.

Stoneware Skillets

I love using stoneware skillets. They're nonstick and free from harmful chemicals. They're also pretty nice looking and affordable.

A Cast Iron Skillet

These are the best for frying, baking and so much more! They retain heat extremely well making them efficient at cooking just about anything. If you take care of them they will literally last you a lifetime and can be passed down for generations making them a favorite among sentimental cooks everywhere.

Wooden Mixing Spoons

When you start using nonstick and enamel pans the last thing you want to do is scratch them up with metal spoons. A good wooden set is essential.

A Chef Knife

Having a good chef knife makes life so much easier. Especially when you're constantly cutting vegetables. They can get pretty pricey but you can also get some pretty great ones at a reasonable price. I use the one below.

XL Size Sheet Pans

Roasting vegetables and baking a big batch of cookies is so much easier when you have a large sheet pan. I find that the regular size sheet pans don't have enough room for all of my vegetables so I always have an extra large sheet pan with a cooling rack.